Good Evening | Monday 25 June 2018

Team building activities

Experience new ways of working togetherů..

Create a valuable, fun learning programme of team building activities to reward and motivate your staff and at the same time drive home important messages!

Designed by professionals, the activities are all focused to build an effective team and create an organisational culture of teamwork. We bring out the best in your team's cohesion, encouraging trust, communication and considered decision making, helping your team become the absolute best they can be.

We specialise in be-spoke team building events incorporating a vast array of team activities allowing you to really get the most out of the day and your team, whilst most importantly having fun in a friendly environment as well as expanding your skills and building working relationships. 

Our programmes are regularly shaken about, pulled, stretched, and generally revised to refresh our ‘product offering’ to you and meet the changing needs of your business. 


Race Against Time

A dynamic, thought provoking, competitive team event that will test teams ingenuity, teamwork and time management to the limit.

Unlike most events the teams make all the decisions on what activities they do and how long they spend doing them, the faster and more efficiently they work, the more they get done, the more points they earn. They will always be 'racing against time' so careful planning and a good game strategy will be vital in the quest for success.

Treasure Hunt Adventures

From detective investigators, outdoor explorers to 'snap happy' tourists, our vast selection of exciting, innovative and challenging treasure hunts are a perfect team building event.

Armed with anything from digital cameras, obscure shopping lists and top secret briefcase to ordnance survey maps, GPS units or inflatable dinosaurs! We will dispatch teams to explore the city lights or scenic heights using their imagination, communication, along with a well-developed sense of humour, to successfully complete the tasks at hand.


Mousetrap is a great exercise for introducing the challenge of managing projects that have an important implication and end result to a wider project outcome. All delegates will work in small sub teams to produce part of a larger construction. We provide a brief and essential materials such as bamboo canes, tubing, props, and other creative and useful stuff.

Throughout the construction period we will intervene and introduce building constraints and production requisites that individual teams will have to accommodate, observe and apply to the final 'master construction'.

Celebrity Paparazzi: It's a Scoop

The Editors of a number of National newspapers are tearing their hair out, to get their reporters & photographers to get the best scoop!

As infamous teams of reporters & paparazzi you will try to find the ultimate celebrity story & snap that will translate into a financial windfall and clinch the big scoop! Forging photos and editorial copy, creating and imitating a scandalous or momentous celebrity scene your teams will undergo team challenges that will develop that celebrity flair!